Body Armor and Ballistic Protection Product Supplier in China

Tianjin Armorus Textiles Co. Ltd. is a dedicated supplier of body armor and ballistic protection products based in China. We provide customers with an extensive line of self-defense and complete protection products, including our high quality polyethylene bulletproof vest, aramid bulletproof vest, bulletproof helmet, ballistic plate, bulletproof shield, anti-riot suit, anti-riot helmet and stab proof vest. Our equipment is often utilized by armed forces on the battlefield and by police in ballistic threat environments. These products are designed to help prevent fatal injuries by offering superior protection for vital body parts.

Our Products
    1. Advanced Tactical Full-Protection Bulletproof Vest (BA7-T1)The advanced tactical bulletproof vest is multifunctional body armor, and armor plate pockets are equipped in all directions, which can carry cartridge magazines, grenades and other tactical equipment to satisfy various tactical requirements. The full-direction body armor achieves bulletproof NIJ IIIA
    1. General Bulletproof Vest (BA-03)The working environment of troops, police and security guards are extremely dangerous. To solve this problem, Armorus can provide you with the NIJ0101.06 level IIIA security armors. These body armors provide you with effective protection and each one only weighs 2.4 kg
    1. Tactical Bulletproof Vest (BA-05)This tactical bulletproof vest is designed for police, troops and Special Forces, providing ballistic protection from the front, back and side directions. Even though our ballistic protection gear has reached NIJ0101.06 level IIIA, armor plate pockets are also equipped in both sides of the vest
    1. Pasgt PE Bulletproof Helmet(BH-01)When entering high-threat-level environments, a ballistic helmet should be provided to keep the wearer safe and composed. The ballistic helmet is made of PE, and features an NIJ level IIIA bulletproof rating to resist bullets. Foam cushion is utilized inside the helmet
    1. Level III Ballistic Plate BP-01The Level III ballistic plate is usually used with a bulletproof vest, which can provide you with a higher-level of bulletproof protection. The ballistic plate only weighs 2.45 kg. If you want to utilize the ballistic plate alone, it can offer level III ballistic bulletproof protection, too.
    1. Level IV Ballistic Plate BP-02Generally, bulletproof vests can only provide level IIIA bulletproof protection, which is enough for handgun bullets, but not so for rifle bullets. In order to improve your safety-level in dangerous areas, our level 4 ballistic plate, which is made of aluminum oxide ceramics and is 23mm thick
    1. Portable Bulletproof Shield (PBS-D2)This bulletproof shield is 23mm thick, which can resist the attack of most bullets. Unlike body armors, the hitting impact of bullets will not pass on to the user, which makes the shield a favorite of soldiers and officers. The ballistic shield is ideal for small
    1. Anti-Riot Suit / Body Protector RCS-02These anti-riot suits are specially designed for dangerous situations in which explosives may be involved. The durable body armor protects the chest, back, shoulders, and other body parts of the wearer. Even though the body protector only weighs 6.7 kilos
    1. Anti-Riot Suit / Body Protector RCS-04RThis anti-riot suit is designed to protect multiple body parts. The foam cushion added inside the suit improves the comfort and supporting effect, while reducing external impact force. In dangerous environments, with the exception of high-level ballistic protection

Our body armor products are typically made from two types of high-tech synthetic materials: aramid fiber and ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) fiber. Aramid fiber is advantageous as it is lightweight, strong, impact resistant, abrasion resistant, and offers good heat insulation. UHMWPE fiber has high tenacity as it is 15 times that of high quality steel and 10 times that of other chemical fibers. The fiber is also noted for its low density, high modulus, UV resistance, corrosion resistance, cut resistance, and impact performance. For these reasons, we produce our bullet proof vests, bulletproof helmets, and ballistic plates using aramid fiber and UHMWPE fiber.

The use of superior raw materials and the implementation of an ISO quality management system throughout production enable us to create high quality body armor and ballistic protection products which meet all applicable international standards. Our bulletproof vests, helmets, and ballistic plates have been tested in the Testing Center of Bulletproof Equipment of the China Ordnance Industry and H.P. White Laboratory. Test results show that our ballistic plates meet NIJ level III, our ballistic helmets and bulletproof vests comply with NIJ level IIIA, and our armor plates are compliant with NIJ level IV. Hence, global customers can feel secure in purchasing and using our products.

We are located inTianjincity, near theTianjinseaport andBeijingCapitalInternationalAirport. This situation is strategically advantageous as we have easy access to convenient air and sea transportation, which translates to minimized shipping charges for us and our customers all around the world.

Today, our bulletproof vests, ballistic plates, and anti-riot suits are very popular with customers inSaudi Arabia, theUnited States,Britain,Mexico,Denmark,Greece,United Arab Emirates,Nigeria,Pakistan,Thailand, andIndonesia, among others. We look forward to working with more customers worldwide. If you are interested in any of our products, please contact us. Our helpful staff will be happy to discuss your needs and help find the ideal product for your specific application.