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Pasgt PE Bulletproof Helmet

Model: TAT-BH-3

Ballistic material: Polyethylene UD fabric
Ballistic criteria: NIJ0101.04 level II, resisting 9mm FMJ by 9mm RN only (V 380m/s)
Feature: The Pasgt PE bulletproof helmet is lightweight, anti-moisture, corrosive-resistance, UV-resistance, non-ricochet, and has good wearability
Protection area: 0.13 m²
Unit weight: 1.35 kg
Attachment: Sponge cushion, adjustable straps, chin-up, lining
Color option: We can offer the Pasgt PE bulletproof helmet in different colors, including black, green, and dark blue

Armorus is a China-based Pasgt PE bulletproof helmet supplier. We also provide stab proof vest, bulletproof shield, ballistic fabric, ballistic plate, ballistic face shield, bulletproof vest, and more.

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