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Steel Bulletproof Helmet

Model: TAT-BH-4

Ballistic material: Special alloy steel
Ballistic criteria: NIJ 0106.01 level IIIA, resisting 9mm FMJ by 9mm Uzi SMG and .44 Magnum SJHP (V 427m/s)
Protection area: 0.13 m²
Unit weight: The steel bulletproof helmet has a unit weight of 1.95 kg
Attachment: Sponge cushion, adjustable straps, chin-up, lining
Color option: We can offer the steel bulletproof helmet in different colors, including black and dark green

Armorus is a professional steel bulletproof helmet supplier based in China. We offer various types of products such as ballistic face shield, bomb searching suit, ballistic plate, anti-riot shield, universal bulletproof stab proof vest, and bulletproof shield.

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