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    1. Ballistic Face ShieldStandard: NIJ 0101.04 level IIIA, resisting 9mm FMJ by 9mm RN and .44 Magnum SJHP (V 427m/s)
      Arc length: 300mm
      Height: 130mm
    1. Bulletproof MaskBallistic criteria: NIJ level IIIA, resisting 9mm FMJ (V 427m/s) by 9mm RN and .44 Magnum (V 427m/s)
      Ballistic area: 0.045 m²
      Unit weight: The bulletproof mask has a unit weight of 0.4 kg
    1. Ballistic BlanketBallistic criteria: NIJ0101.04 level IIIA, resisting 9mm FMJ by 9mm Uzi SMG and .44 Magnum SJHP (V 436m/s)
      Color option: We can offer the ballistic blanket in different colors, including black, dark blue, and camouflage

Ballistic products such as individual-assisted body armor or combined armor system for armed forces or police in the battlefield or in ballistic threat environments, are produced with production in advanced technology using high-quality materials, and are officially tested and certified as per NIJ standards. They offer reliable performance and excellent quality, and are cost-effective.

Armorus is a professional ballistic product supplier based in China. We offer a wide range of products, including our bulletproof mask, bulletproof vest, ballistic plate, bulletproof helmet, bulletproof shield, anti-riot suit, bomb suppression blanket, and more.

Other Products
    1. Universal Certified Bulletproof VestAttachment: Trauma plate pack (EVA + PC)
      Sponge layer for ventilation and comfort
      Front and rear plate pocket
      Cover fabric: Waterproof ...
    1. Concealable Bulletproof VestBallistic criteria: NIJ0101.04 level IIIA, resisting 9mm FMJ by 9MM RN and .44 Magnum SJHP (V 436m/s )
      Weight: The concealable bulletproof vest has a weight of 2.1 kg
    1. Tactical Bulletproof Vest with Shoulder ProtectionBallistic area: 0.36 m², size L
      Weight: The tactical bulletproof vest with shoulder protection has a weight of 3.1 kg
      Attachment: Trauma plate pack (EVA + PC)