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Bomb Blanket, Bomb Enclosure

Model: TAT-BBE

Protective material: Blanket - Aramid fabric
Enclosure - Steel composite plate
Dimensions: Blanket - 120cm x 120cm
Enclosure - 35cm (Dia.) x 32cm (H)
Total weight: The bomb blanket, bomb enclosure has a total weight of 20 kg
Performance: The bomb blanket, bomb enclosure protects against deadly fragmentation and shock wave subject to explosion with energy equivalence to 70g TNT
Criteria: Chinese GA69-94 Bomb Blanket
Cover material: Waterproof polyester
Attachment: The bomb blanket, bomb enclosure has fastening strips at four corners

Armorus is a China-based supplier of bomb blanket and bomb enclosure. We also provide stab proof vest, bulletproof shield, ballistic fabric, anti-riot equipment, bulletproof helmet, ballistic face shield, bulletproof vest, and more.

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