Anti-Riot Control Suit/Body Protector

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Anti-Riot Control Suit/Body Protector

Model: TAT-RCS-2

Material: High performance engineering plastic + Nylon fabric + sponge layer
Anti-puncture: Subject to 20J Kinetic energy of puncture, the body protectors are not penetrated at knife point.
Impact resistance: Subject to the impact of 120J Kinetic energy, the body protectors are not damaged or broken.
Strike power absorbing: Subject to 100J Kinetic energy strike at the body protectors, the colloid clay impress doesn't exceed 20mm.
Fire retardance: The body protectors comply with the fire-retardance level FV-2, with oxygen index no less than 28%.
Protected part: The anti-riot control suit/body protector protects the chest, back, arms, sides, shoulders, elbows, groin, laps, knees, shins, hands, neck, feet
Protection area: 1.08 m²
Unit weight: The anti-riot control suit/body protector has a unit weight of 6.7 kg
Fastening: Velcro strip, buckle, hook

Armorus is a professional anti-riot control suit supplier based in China. We offer a vast range of products that includes police bulletproof vest, bomb blanket, dyneema bulletproof helmet, SiC ceramic ballistic plate, stab proof vest, portable bulletproof shield, and more.

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