Bulletproof Anti-Riot Control Suit

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Bulletproof Anti-Riot Control Suit

Model: TAT-RCS-3R

Material: Engineering Plastic + Polyethylene UD fabric + Nylon fabric + steel sheet + sponge layer
Ballistic resistance: NIJ 0101.04 level IIIA, resisting 9mm FMJ by 9mm RN and .44 Magnum SJHP (V 436 m/s)
Anti-puncture: Subject to 20J Kinetic energy of puncture, the body protectors are not penetrated
Impact resistance: Subject to impact of 100J Kinetic energy, the body protectors are not damaged or broken
Fire-retardance: The protectors are fire-retardant up to level FV-2
Non-ballistic protection part: Chest, back, abdomen, arms, sides, shoulders, groin, elbows, thighs, knees, shins, hands, feet
Ballistic protection part: The bulletproof anti-riot control suit protects the chest and back
Non-ballistic protection area: Approx 1.0 m²
Ballistic protection area: Approx 0.35 m²
Fastening: Velcro strip, buckle, hook
Total weight: The bulletproof anti-riot control suit has a total weight of 8.2 kg

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