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Basic Stab-Proof Vest

Model: SPV Series

Protective material: Flexible metallic panel with non-woven PE felt
Criteria: EN ISO 14876-4 / US NIJ 0115.00
Performance: Resisting striking energy without being penetrated by various types of edge or pointed weapons including blades, knives, or spikes, etc
Protection area: 0.30 m2, covering the chest / back, size M
Thickness: The stab proof vest has a thickness of 5 mm
Feature: With the carrier fabric of cotton or waterproof nylon and adjustable Velcro straps at sides and shoulders, the stab proof vest is comfortable, concealable, lightweight and impact-resistance
Optional color: Black, dark blue, white, camouflage

Model Protection level USA NIJ 0115.00, EN ISO 14876-4
(stopping both knife and spike)
Weight (kg)
SPV-K1S1 Level 1 (KR1 + SP1), strike energy ≤ E1 (24J) & E2 (36J) 2.2
SPV-K2S2 Level 2 (KR2 + SP2), strike energy ≤ E1 (33J) & E2 (50J) 2.5
SPV-K3S3 Level 3 (KR3 + SP3), strike energy ≤ E1 (43J) & E2 (65J) 2.7
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