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    1. Basic Stab-Proof Vest SPV SeriesProtective material: Flexible metallic panel with non-woven PE felt
      Criteria: EN ISO 14876-4 / US NIJ 0115.00
      Performance: Resisting striking energy without being penetrated by various types of edge or pointed weapons including blades, knives, or spikes, etc

The anti-stab vest is made from either Polyethylene fabric or composition of Aramid fabric with steel chip. Our stab proof vests are the preferred choice as personal body armor for police, security personnel or bodyguards against knife threat or other sharp or pointed objects. Produced using high-quality materials, they offer reliable performance, are lightweight, comfortable, concealable, and cost-effective.

Armorus is a professional stab proof vest supplier based in China. We offer a wide range of products, including our bulletproof vest, ballistic plate, bulletproof helmet, bulletproof shield, anti-riot suit, bulletproof mask, and more.

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