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    1. Level III Ballistic Plate BP-01The Level III ballistic plate is usually used with a bulletproof vest, which can provide you with a higher-level of bulletproof protection. The ballistic plate only weighs 2.45 kg. If you want to utilize the ballistic plate alone
    1. Level IV Ballistic Plate BP-02Generally, bulletproof vests can only provide level IIIA bulletproof protection, which is enough for handgun bullets, but not so for rifle bullets. In order to improve your safety-level in dangerous areas, our level 4 ballistic plate
    1. Level III PE Ballistic Plate BP-05This PE ballistic plate is made of Polyethylene fabric. Though it only weighs 1.5 kg, it can still provide level III ballistic protection, as confirmed by NIJ testing. If you need to execute a task in dangerous environments for quite a long time
    1. Level III Bulletproof Plate BP-06This bulletproof plate if made of SiC ceramic and PE fabric, which can provide you with level III protection. Its size (L*W) is 25cm*30cm
    1. Level IV Bulletproof Plate BP-07This bulletproof plate has achieved NIJ0101.06 level IV and can provide you with level 4 ballistic protection. The external material is waterproof polyester and only weighs 2.5 kg. If your ordinary bulletproof vest is far below to the threats you confront
    1. Level IV Ballistic Plate BP-07DThis ballistic plate is the best choice for high-threat body armors. It has passed through the test of NIJ0101.06 and can provide you with level IV protection. Moreover
    1. Portable Bulletproof Shield (PBS-A1)This portable bulletproof shield covers all of your vital organs and can protect you from dangerous situations. The size of this ballistic shield is 90cm*50cm. In order to reduce the influence of heavy weight on movement speed
    1. Portable Bulletproof Shield (PBS-D2)This bulletproof shield is 23mm thick, which can resist the attack of most bullets. Unlike body armors, the hitting impact of bullets will not pass on to the user, which makes the shield a favorite of soldiers and officers.
    1. Portable Bulletproof Shield (PBS-S3)This bulletproof shield can provide a large area of ballistic protection. It is remarkable when you need higher level bulletproof protection compared to body armor.
    1. Bulletproof Shield with Wheels (WBS-G5)This level IV bulletproof shield can resist most shots for you. Considering its heavy weight of 31kg, how to keep flexible in combat is extremely important. We added a base with four 360 ° rotating wheels to the level 4 ballistic protection
    1. Ballistic Face Shield / Visor (BFS)This ballistic face shield can provide your face with level IIIA ballistic protection without affecting your view, because its transparency is greater than 70%. The universality of the bulletproof face visor is very high;
    1. Bulletproof Mask (BPM)This ballistic face mask can provide your face with full protection. Additional cushioning is added to the forehead and sides of the face to minimize the impact of the bullet..
    1. Ballistic BlanketThis ballistic blanket can provide you with portable and flexible ballistic protection, which is suitable for various tactical situations. It has extensive application, as it can be installed on a car, window, wall or door.
    1. Bomb Blanket (BSB)This bomb suppression blanket can provide you with portable and flexible ballistic protection. The bomb blanket is widely used in the defense from fragments of grenades, bombs, IEDs and others

Armorus is a specialized supplier of self-defense and personal protection products located inChina. We offer an extensive line of products, including bulletproof vests, ballistic plates, bulletproof shields, anti-riot helmets, stab proof vests, and more. These body armor and ballistic products have become the preferred products for armed forces and police in the battlefield, counter-terrorism campaigns or other ballistic threat environments. They are specially designed to help prevent fatal injuries by offering great protection for vital body parts.

At Armorus, we strive to provide superior bulletproof vests, ballistic plates and anti-riot equipment to customers worldwide. To achieve this, we acquire synthetic materials from dependable suppliers, use state of the art production techniques, and manufacture our products in accordance with international agreed NIJ standards. Hence, customers can feel secure in purchasing and using our bulletproof helmet, anti-riot suit and other products.

For further information, please contact us. We look forward to working with you.