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    1. Ballistic Polyethylene (PE) UD FabricsThe ballistic fabric can be used to produce bulletproof helmets, ballistic shields, light armor plates, etc. Each layer of the fabric is composed of two layers of unidirectional fiber
    1. Anti-Riot Suit / Body Protector RCS-02These anti-riot suits are specially designed for dangerous situations in which explosives may be involved. The durable body armor protects the chest, back, shoulders, and other body parts of the wearer.
    1. Anti-Riot Suit / Body Protector RCS-04RThis anti-riot suit is designed to protect multiple body parts. The foam cushion added inside the suit improves the comfort and supporting effect, while reducing external impact force. In dangerous environments/span>
    1. Anti-Riot Bulletproof Suit (RCS2-BA3A)This anti-riot bulletproof suit can cover and protect most of your body parts as it is designed to withstand severe impact and prevent against piercing from sharp objects. The anti-riot suit can not only protect your body like common suits
    1. Anti-Riot Helmet ARH-01This anti-riot helmet is made of polycarbonate and only weighs 1.6 kg. The bulletproof helmet can provide you with complete protection because its protective area covers your neck and ears. In order to improve the comfort and reduce impact
    1. Anti-Riot Shield (ARS-100535)The Polycarbonate riot shield is a light and durable protective device in riot situations. This riot shield is made of transparent Polycarbonate and only weighs 2.5 kg. The riot shield can protect users without impairing their view or movement.
    1. Aluminum Anti-Riot Shield (ARS-A9050)This riot shied is made of aluminum alloy, providing you with high-class ballistic protection and reducing the shield’s thickness to only 2.2mm. We add foam cushions on the handle of the explosion-proof shield
    1. Police BatonSuitable equipment is necessary for police officers to complete their job and protect innocent civilians as well as themselves. Our police baton is a multipurpose tool that can be used to break windows in emergency situations

Armorus is a specialized supplier of self-defense and personal protection products located inChina. We offer an extensive line of products, including bulletproof vests, ballistic plates, bulletproof shields, anti-riot helmets, stab proof vests, and more. These body armor and ballistic products have become the preferred products for armed forces and police in the battlefield, counter-terrorism campaigns or other ballistic threat environments. They are specially designed to help prevent fatal injuries by offering great protection for vital body parts.

At Armorus, we strive to provide superior bulletproof vests, ballistic plates and anti-riot equipment to customers worldwide. To achieve this, we acquire synthetic materials from dependable suppliers, use state of the art production techniques, and manufacture our products in accordance with international agreed NIJ standards. Hence, customers can feel secure in purchasing and using our bulletproof helmet, anti-riot suit and other products.

For further information, please contact us. We look forward to working with you.