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    1. Bomb Searching suitThe bomb searching suit is necessary equipment when armored personnel are ready to detect explosives. It has the characteristic of overall body protection, superb performance, shock wave resistance and excellent flexibility. The bomb searching suit is made up of a head protection system ...
    1. Bomb Suppression BlanketProtective material: Aramid fabric
      Protection level: V 50 value (17 grain steel fragment) at 400 m/s
      Cover material: Waterproof polyester
      Dimensions: The bomb suppression blanket is 120cm x 120cm
    1. Bomb Blanket, Bomb EnclosurePerformance: The bomb blanket, bomb enclosure protects against deadly fragmentation and shock wave subject to explosion with energy equivalence to 70g TNT
      Criteria: Chinese GA69-94 Bomb Blanket
    1. Ballistic FabricBallistic Polyethylene (PE) UD fabrics for manufacturing personal body armors or combined armor systems or armored vehicles is produced using advanced technology with a modernized quality management system. Our ballistic fabric offers reliable performance, excellent quality, and is cost-effective.
    1. Anti-Riot Control Suit / Body Protector TAT-RCS-1Anti-puncture: Subject to 20J Kinetic energy of puncture, the body protectors are not penetrated at knife point.
      Impact resistance: Subject to the impact of 120J Kinetic energy, the body protectors are not damaged or broken.
    1. Anti-Riot Control Suit / Body Protector TAT-RCS-2Strike power absorbing: Subject to 100J Kinetic energy strike at the body protectors, the colloid clay impress doesn't exceed 20mm.
      Fire retardance: The body protectors comply with the fire-retardance level FV-2, with oxygen index no less than 28%.
    1. Anti-Riot Control Suit / Body Protector TAT-RCS-2RFire retardance: The protectors match fire-retardance level FV-2, with oxygen index no less than 28%.
      Protected part: The anti-riot control suit/body protector protects the chest, back, arms, sides, shoulders, elbows, groin, laps, knees, shins, hands, feet
    1. Bulletproof Anti-Riot Control Suit TAT-RCS-3RBallistic protection part: The bulletproof anti-riot control suit protects the chest and back
      Non-ballistic protection area: Approx 1.0 m²
      Ballistic protection area: Approx 0.35 m²
    1. Anti-Riot Control Suit / Body Protector TAT-RCS-4RProtected part: The anti-riot control suit/body protector protects the chest, back, arms, sides, shoulders, elbows, groin, thighs, knees, shins, hands, feet
      Total weight: The anti-riot control suite/body protector has a total weight of 6.5 kg
      Fastening: Velcro strip, buckle, hook
    1. Anti-Riot Helmet TAT-ARH-1Construction: Headpiece, transparent PC visor (3mm), leather neck protector, internal foam cushion, eaves water seal, lateral hearing and ventilation hole, quick-release buckle, chin-up, connector
      Feature: The anti-riot helmet is strong and durable, is impact-resistant ...
    1. Anti-Riot Helmet TAT-ARH-2Feature: The anti-riot helmet is ightweight, anti-strike, penetration-proof, and impact-resistant
      Dimension: 330mm x 265mm x 230mm
      Unit weight: The anti-riot helmet has a unit weight of 1.3 kg/unit
    1. Anti-Riot Shield TAT-ARSFeature: The anti-riot shield is lightweight, impact resistant, acid liquid resistant, strong and durable
      Attachment: Printing, foam cushion, handle, adjustable belt
      Dimension: 1000mm x 500mm x 3mm
    1. Basic Stab-Proof Vest SPV SeriesProtective material: Flexible metallic panel with non-woven PE felt
      Criteria: EN ISO 14876-4 / US NIJ 0115.00
      Performance: Resisting striking energy without being penetrated by various types of edge or pointed weapons including blades, knives, or spikes, etc

We at Armorus are a supplier of self defense and personal protection products, located in China. We offer an extensive line of products, including bulletproof vest, ballistic plate, bulletproof shield, anti-riot helmet, stab proof vest, and more. These body armor and ballistic products become the preferred products for armed forces or police in the battlefield, counter-terrorism campaign or other ballistic threat environments, which help prevent fatal injuries by offering great protection for key body parts.

At Armorus, westrive to provide superior bulletproof vests, ballistic plates and anti-riot equipment to customers worldwide. To achieve this, we acquire synthetic materials from dependable suppliers, use state of the art manufacturing techniques, and manufacture our products in accordance with international agreed NIJ standards. Hence, customers can feel secure in purchasing and using our bulletproof helmet, anti-riot suit and other products.

For further information, please contact us. We look forward to working with you.